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Thank you for visiting our website. You can get more information by contacting us.

Office  – 77 441 45 77
Gastronomy  – 77 441 45 75
Gastronomy gastronomia@szarawilla.pl
Hotel – 77 441 45 70
Restaurant  – 77 441 45 72
Bowling Alleys  – 77 441 45 63
Marketing / PRmarketing@szarawilla.pl

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Dear driver:

 The main entrance to the hotel, reception and the access to car park is from Andersa Street.

We suggest you to enter the underground garage, take your luggage and use the lift to get to the I floor, where you will find our reception.

Car park entry height is up to 2 meters. To open the gate it is necessary to push button and collect a ticket. More information will be received at the reception.

Thank You for Your cooperation..

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